Meet Aubryn

Aubryn, the enigmatic musical storyteller, weaves captivating tales through her extensive repertoire, exploring the mystical realms of apparitions, twisted fairy tales, and haunting mysteries. Renowned for her genre-defying sound— a fusion of folk and diverse musical styles often described as Americana Gothic— she captivates audiences with an unparalleled musical journey.

In addition to leaving an indelible mark on stages across the United States and seven European countries, Aubryn's professional prowess is showcased in her weekly web concert series. Since November 2012, she has been curating a unique experience, featuring a different musical guest each week. This ongoing endeavor underscores her commitment to musical exploration and collaboration.

Musically fearless and armed with an extraordinary vocal range, Aubryn crafts each song with meticulous artistry, blurring the lines between reality and the supernatural. Her compositions are cryptic tales filled with unforgettable characters and thought-provoking perspectives, leaving listeners questioning the very essence of protagonist and antagonist.

In the shadowy realm of Aubryn's music, her melodies enthrall, and her evocative lyrics linger, weaving a mysterious tapestry that draws audiences into the depths of their own imagination. Experience the enigma of Aubryn's musical narrative through her captivating Twitch streams and on social media, where she unveils the secrets of her artistry at @AubrynMusic or catch her live at a venue or house concert near you.