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Lady About Town

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Aubryn's Kickstarter funded debut EP. Songs about domestic violence, stalking, murder, revenge, loss, and the struggle to fix the messes we make every day.


She likes her coffee light and sweet
She takes her Grey Goose nice and neat
She wears bright red stiletto shoes
And in the morning when she wakes up
Lights a cigarette puts makeup on
To cover up her blues
And people take one look
and think they know what she's about
But they don't have a clue
She's got a pistol in her purse
All to artfully she flirts
With death on a daily basis
Seduce you with a smile
Make you go the extra mile
To please her and appease her
She's a lady about town
And she knows her way around
She chooses oh so carefully
The company she never
Keeps around for too long
Upstairs she knows that she can't lose
She slips narcotics in his booze
Empties his wallet and she's gone
(PreChorus) (Chorus)
She's got a house but not a home
Prefers to sleep alone
Or so she says
But deep down she wants somebody there
Pretends she doesn't care