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15 Knots

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mixed and mastered by Josh Salazar at Tango Sound Studios


Verse 1:

In a tavern on an island in the Arabian Sea

I met a man with a shadow on his face

He asked me for a light and said, "Mind if I sit here?"

As he pulled a cigarette from its case

He told me of his travels and the sights that he'd seen

I sat back as the smoke obscured my view

I asked him if he'd ever been frightened at sea

He chuckled and cried, "if you only knew!"


15 knots towards the Philippines on a dark and foggy night

I saw it sitting on the stern in the glow of a flickering light

I swear it looked straight through to my soul then flew to the sea below

And to this day my mind still screams 15 knots towards the Philippines

Verse 2:

I looked upon the man with a skeptic's eyes

Laughing as I said, no I don't believe your lies

Though I must admit, that's a story to behold

But it's the tallest tale I've ever been told

(repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:

I found myself on a dark and foggy night

In the arms of the ocean looking out upon the waves

And sure as I am standing here telling you today

A figure on the stern was staring my way

(repeat Chorus)