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Ransom Note (You)

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Written by Aubryn Stevens and Tucker Bouler. Performed by Aubryn (guitar/vocals) and Matt Griffo (piano, synth). Mixed/produced by Matt Griffo.


Ransom Note
© 2018 Bouler and Stevens

I turned the key, but I didn’t turn the light on

Honestly, I didn’t want to see

The empty room where you’d been just a couple nights before

I take a breath, as I try to find the meaning

Of what you left, behind, and what’s been taken from me

Is it real, I can’t feel, when will it all be over?

Ooooo, oooooo, oooooo oo oo


If you want your heart back, meet me on the dock at 2

Don’t worry, dear, no harm will come, I assure you

Come alone, leave your phone, nobody is to know

What I really want is you

You had a way, of making me feel sane

Until the day, your laughter gave away

That you were nervous, you tried to hurt us, by telling me it’s over




To realize she couldn’t love you like I do

And now she’ll never have what I can give to you

She tried to come between us, but I put a stop to that

You seem upset, I thought you would be hap-py


You came to get your heart back, met me on the dock at 2

There will never be a truer love than what I feel for you

To make sure we’ll be together, I know of just one way

Cuz what I really want is you