1. That Voice
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That Voice

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Written by Aubryn Stevens and Tucker Bouler. Recorded and mixed by Aubryn.


That Voice - Aubryn and Tucker 2/28/19 3/7/19

It started with pirates
Violent thieves of the sea
She'd sing and they'd sink
And that was fine by me

But this one was different
I could tell he was kind
I saw his demise in her eyes
And I couldn’t change her mind... She's got

That Voice
Lures the wicked to die
Oh That Voice
Even good men don’t survive
That Voice, is to die for

I told her a secret
She could walk among men
But I needed to hear her
Sing her song again

And I stole it right from her
Lungs and her lips
She could walk but she couldn't talk
'cause between my fingertips... I held


You see I’m not as wicked as they say
But I couldn’t stop her any other way
He’d have perished for sure
With her voice so pure
Calling him to the sea to stay