1. Gonna Get It

From the recording Gone-a Get It

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Gonna Get It

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Verse 1:
Can I tell you a secret?
About four brave men
Of 44 I brought to war
I knew it would be them
I could see it on their faces
A shining light
From heaven, no, up from below
It marked them all to die

I let them leave without a warning,
Their tags collected in the morning

Would you wanna know
When you’re gonna gonna go?
Would you wanna know
When you’re gonna gonna go?
When you’re when you’re gonna get it

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2:
I tried explaining,
I tried pleading
“Don’t go”, I said, “You’ll end up dead”
But he would not believe
He left a wife and
two little children
A newborn son, not even one
I knew how much he loved them

PreChorus 2:
So much for Mrs. Riker's lovely wedding
Seven happy years and two fine sons
I wonder was there any point in telling
If the knowing wouldn't save him from the gun

(Repeat Chorus x2)

Bridge: x4
Don't look in the mirror
Your future's getting clearer

(Repeat Chorus x3)