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The Objective 

Oh hey there! My name is Aubryn and I'm an independent musician living in Nashville, TN. I've released 2 albums and a single and I livestream multiple times a week, including a Webconcert that I've been doing weekly since 2012! This year, one of my main goals is to do a music video, specifically for my song, "Medusa" which is about loving someone, be it a family member, friend, or lover, and being there for them even when they're at their most low, when everyone else has turned their back on them. "How do I make it known that I won't turn to stone". 

I've partnered with Director Anna Haas and her production team because I've seen the incredible work she's done in the past and I believe our visions coincide. When I sent her the song, she FLIPPED OUT and I could tell she was all in and beyond excited to get her hands on the song to create something really special.  

Thing is, it's expensive to create a music video at the quality that Anna Haas works at. She sent me a couple budgets and, while I was skeptical at first, I showed the budgets to a friend of mine who directs a television show for ABC and she confirmed that all the prices on the budget were legit and reasonable.  

I am confident that together, we can raise $10k in no time! 5 years ago, I raised $8k on Kickstarter to support my debut album, and this community has grown exponentially since then. I've also learned a lot from that first campaign and I have some fun and creative rewards that I think you'll really enjoy without worrying about extra expenses and shipping getting in the way.

We'd like to shoot in March and release in April, so let's do this thing! Thank you for all your support, and remember, even if you can't donate, sharing helps tremendously!

UPDATE: We have extended the fundraiser and are aiming to shoot in April. I'm thankful to be able to be flexible with timing and will keep you all updated with any new info!